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Leveling the Playing Field, Inc.

Who We Are

Leveling the Playing Field gives underprivileged children the opportunity to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of youth sports participation. We do this through the donation of used and excess sporting equipment to programs and schools serving low income communities. Our donations allow programs to allocate funds saved by lowering registration fees, expanding their scholarship programs, enhancing their existing athletic program or developing new ones. In 3 years of operations we have donated over $2.2M worth of sporting equipment to over 450 different programs. Our donations have impacted over 80,000 kids!

What We Do

Did you know that 1 in 5 underserved families do not get their kids involved in youth sports because of the price of sporting equipment? LPF improves the opportunity for low income students to get involved in athletics through the collection and distribution of used sporting equipment to communities in need. Participation in youth sports is so important to a child's development. In fact, kids who participate in athletics are 60% less likely to drop out of school or resort to drugs and/or alcohol. Our vision is to make sure that every child has access to completely free sporting equipment so that youth sports participation is achievable for all kids. Sports participation should be a given for every child growing up!