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Southwest Partnership

Who We Are

The Southwest Partnership is located in Southwest Baltimore and includes Hollins Roundhouse, Pigtown, Mount Clare, Union Square, Poppleton, Franklin Square, and Barre Circle. Our Mission is to establish and maintain this vision through productive land uses and the partnerships that will build a cohesive community. We partner with our neighbors, surrounding communities, City government, area institutions, and businesses, knowing that when we take the right road, together and with integrity, everyone will benefit.

What We Do

The Southwest Partnership aim to address the collective issues of the neighborhoods and assist development and revitalization on a regional scale.

We work with the members of the community to plan goals and create a process in order to reach them. Some goals include volunteer projects to help the community look more vibrant and clean and help bring reinvestment back to the community. Many volunteer projects include clean ups and planting of trees throughout the neighborhoods. 


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